Services / Training

TI is a major and effective turnkey training solutions provider that offers innovative and world-class training programs. We believe that a well developed comprehensive package of services and competency based training & education will act as a crucial development tool. For that and to take a share in the continued socioeconomic development process in the MENA Region, our training division was established to be the core discipline of our main corporate services.

In affiliation with our international partners and through our talented professional staff, we cover an entire spectrum of training services, including on-the-job training with related off-the-job training/instruction which can be conducted in a training institute/center or in classrooms and workshops, in order to achieve optimal results that fulfill our clients' needs; whether in government or private sectors.

Accreditation of our training courses is and will be observed by highly recognized international bodies. The following are some of our training fields:

• Engineering, Technical, and Vocational Education & Training (ETVET)
• Information Technology & Cyber Security
• Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services
• Management & Business Development
• Financial Management & Accountant
• Education & Special Education
• Defense, Military, and Security
• Oil & Gas Technologies